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A new book is as unillusioned about the writer as she was about herself.

In The Library Book , Susan Orlean writes beautifully about the importance of libraries and their role in society. Orlean will talk with author Sarah Bird about why she felt inspired to write about libraries, the stories she unearthed in the process, and how we can deepen our appreciation for the public institution that brings us education, insight, and inspiration.

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This event is free and open to the public. We encourage everyone attending to reserve free tickets prior to the event. Ticketholders will have first access to seating. The Library Book will be available for sale at the event, and Orlean will sign books following the conversation. Each year, we select one or two books and invite all of Austin to join in s ahared reading experience that culminates in a conversation with the author of the selected book. Orlean's latest work The Library Book , pays tribute to the important role libraries play in providing education, inspiration, and discovery for all members of society.

Orlean is also a long-time staff writer for The New Yorker.

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She has been dubbed "a national treasure" by The Washington Post. Sarah Bird is the author of ten novels. She lives and writes in Austin. The Library Foundation is the Austin nonprofit dedicated to supporting and advancing the projects and initiatives of the Austin Public Library. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map.

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Aslan tells Susan that she has "listened to fears", but his breath soon restores her faith, and she immerses herself in their adventures as deeply as in the first book. She later accompanies Lucy as Aslan revives the forest and river spirits of Narnia. At the conclusion of Prince Caspian , Aslan says that Susan and Peter will never enter Narnia again because they have accomplished what they needed to there. In the film adaptation, Susan is seen in a brief scene newly added for the film set in front of the Strand Underground station in London before the children are drawn into Narnia by magic.

Susan encounters a boy who recognizes her and tries to chat her up. He comments that he has seen her before and that she often sits alone. She replies that she likes being alone, and when the boy asks her name she gives him the false name "Phyllis". In Narnia, Susan and Prince Caspian are attracted to one another, but this relationship leads to a bittersweet conclusion as Susan must return to Earth. The film gives Susan a more active role during the battle scene at the end of the story.

She demonstrates herself a capable combatant, slashing Telmarines with her arrows between shots, as well as clubbing them with her bow.

Susan Hill

Edmund and Lucy have to stay with their relatives, the Scrubbs. Susan is considered "the pretty one of the family", which makes Lucy insecure. Lucy is tempted to recite a spell she finds in Coriakin 's magic book, which will make her beautiful "beyond the lot of mortals", and she pictures a plain-looking Susan jealous of her beauty - clearly hinting at a sibling rivalry not evident before. Susan is not very good at school work and acts old for her age 14 at the time. The film adaptation shows Susan in a few brief scenes newly added for the film.

She is seen at the beginning of the film writing a letter to Edmund and Lucy. Later in the film, Lucy steals the page with the beauty spell from Coriakin's book and at night recites the spell. Looking in the cabin's full-length mirror, she sees herself, grown-up and beautiful, in effect becoming Susan.

The mirror swings aside to reveal a society lawn party back in Lucy's world, and she steps through into the party to be joined by both Peter and Edmund, both of whom address her as "Susan". When she tries to remind them about Narnia, to her growing horror, neither of them seem to know what she's talking about or to know anything about a younger sister named Lucy.

Lucy then wakes up in the ship's cabin and is confronted by Aslan about what she has done. Aslan tells her not to judge herself by the standards of others, and reminds her that it was only through her actions that her siblings became aware of Narnia in the first place.

She is described as a gentle lady with black hair falling to her feet. Shasta thinks her the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Susan has become a motherly or sisterly figure to Prince Corin of Archenland following the death of his mother.

Susan's Books — Susan Verde

She is asked to make a diplomatic marriage to the Calormene Prince Rabadash. She finds him gallant at tournaments in Narnia, but tyrannical and repellant on his home ground. The prince intends to hold her in Tashbaan by force; but her guarded rejection and subsequent escape from Calormen on The Splendor Hyaline with her brother Edmund and their entourage lead the Prince to rash action.

He seeks the secret approval of his father, the Tisroc , for his plan to attack Archenland as a means of capturing Susan, and in the hope of subsequently conquering Narnia.

In The Last Battle , Susan is conspicuous by her absence. Peter says that she is "no longer a friend of Narnia", and in Jill Pole 's words "she's interested in nothing now-a-days except nylons and lipstick and invitations. Fancy you still thinking about all those funny games we used to play when we were children," and Polly Plummer adds, "She wasted all her school time wanting to be the age she is now, and she'll waste all the rest of her life trying to stay that age.

Her whole idea is to race on to the silliest time of one's life as quick as she can and then stop there as long as she can. It is left ambiguous whether Susan's absence is permanent, especially since Lewis stated elsewhere that:. The books don't tell us what happened to Susan. She is left alive in this world at the end, having by then turned into a rather silly, conceited young woman. But there's plenty of time for her to mend and perhaps she will get to Aslan's country in the end Lewis further elaborated on Susan's fate in a 19 February letter to Pauline Bannister, who wrote to Lewis, upset that Susan was excluded from her brothers and sister from Aslan's country.

He stated:. I could not write that story myself. But I may be mistaken. Why not try it yourself? In his Companion to Narnia , Paul F.

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Ford writes at the end of the entry for Susan Pevensie that "Susan's is one of the most important Unfinished Tales of The Chronicles of Narnia", but adds in Footnote 1 for that entry:. This is not to say, as some critics have maintained, that she is lost forever It is a mistake to think that Susan was killed in the railway accident at the end of The Last Battle and that she has forever fallen from grace. It is to be assumed, rather, that as a woman of twenty-one who has just lost her entire family in a terrible crash, she will have much to work through; in the process, she might change to become truly the gentle person she has the potential for being.

Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)
Where is Susan? (The Susan books) Where is Susan? (The Susan books)

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