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Iyman Faris

Taken on 3 April , he would have just made the treacherous sea crossing from his native Tunisia in a bid to escape the Arab Spring revolutions sweeping the Middle East. Amri is understood to have taken a boat to Lampedusa from the Tunisian port of Sfax on 3 April After fleeing the scene, he was finally shot dead by quick-thinking coppers in the Italian city of Milan after a brazen four-day jaunt through Europe via France. A video of Amri pledging allegiance to ISIS in the days before the attack was released by the terror group this afternoon.

Rewind five years, and just days after arriving from the Tunisian post of Sfax trouble-maker Amri was involved in burning down a migrant shelter. The extent of Amri's radicalisation was revealed with his callous killing of 12 innocent people at the German Christmas market on Monday. In a pledge of allegiance to terror group ISIS, he said: "My message to crusaders bombing Muslims everyday… Their blood will not go in vain. Amri was brought down by Italian police at 3am this morning after officers asked him to show his ID.

He is believed to have slipped over the border from France by train. The year-old pulled a pistol from his backpack and shot at two officers - hitting cop Cristian Movio, 36, in the shoulder. Rookie copper Luca Scata, 29, who was just months into his job, brought down the Tunisian in a hail of bullets. In the video, self-radicalised jihadis are urged to follow example of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who used a rented truck to launch a devastating attack on Bastille Day celebrations in Nice killing 86 people.

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During the film, terrorists are advised they do not require sophisticated weaponry or explosives to launch an attack. Instead, they are told to equip themselves with baseball bats, power drills, screw drivers and even hypodermic syringes.

Jihad Tolerance & Coexistence

According to PJ Media, the new video — which lasts for almost 20 minutes — concentrates on the United States and France…. A perfect example how young, physically fit people can take unlicensed, unregistered, and in some cases unrecognized weapons to kill law-abiding unarmed people trying to live their lives, while earning a living to pay the taxes that support the terrorists.

It is societal insanity in an extreme that has rarely been seen in history. Truly, when guns are outlawed, the outlaws will still have quite sufficient weapons of all kinds to kill the disarmed subjects. An unarmed person is a subject.

And all because the French and their government do not have the will to send in the army to clear away this vile camp. The Army should have been sent in long a go. They are all united in the desire to kill us but fight each other for the privilege. If they had a brain they would unite and become stronger but thank God, Allah has made them stupid. Truck mounted Pepper spray, big grunty pumps with outlets all around the cab, just create a cloud of mist encompassing the truck at the push of a button….

When I drove a long-haul chemical tanker, many plants would search the truck and require me to surrender my cell phone because it had a camera. They only want to display their power. Never mind who has to suffer or die because of their stupidity. We can hide from this ugly truth for only so long.

Realistically, that will be when all pretence of law and over finally breaks down, ironically brought about by those who are meant to enforce it but chose not to! Something such as this requires one type of action, the Military. This is a total breakdown of law and order. It cant be ignored. It will only get worse. The Military needs to round them up and re-patriot them, period.

It is a major crossing point for trade between the EU and the UK. And will eventually lead to a truckers strike — so items will not be traded between the UK and France, causing problems with the economy and will bring about WROL! And these attacks have a specific purpose—hordes Muslims have been camping out in Calais trying to get into Britain. These were attacks on truckers heading to England—they wanted to force the drivers to take them through the Chunnel.

What next?

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Golf clubs? We need to register and license kitchen knives, baseball bats, hockey sticks, golf clubs, hammers, wrenches, tree branches, bottles. There is no such thing as innocent sporting gear in the hands of a dedicated terrorist. To label them as sick is to let them escape the consequences. Please think about it. Or do they just have a big screen TV in a central place for all to get their marching orders? Excellent questions, linnte. No problem on the spelling. My little tablet writes Linnet too!

I wish there was a way to find out if European Governments are paying for telephone internet access in their benefits to migrants. I betcha they are! Here in Oregon, low income folks on Food stamps get a free simple cell phone with limited calling minutes. Allowing cell phones is profoundly ignorant of Government in this case!

The Sydney Morning Herald

Good question. Islam is great. I will off topic a bit if only to demonstrate how Islam seeks to dominate. This removal would mean forceful arrests and sharia patrols in the streets. Note that prostitution in Kenya is not really legal but no one really cares one way or another.. Recently some leaders had demanded separation of women and men in the Likoni ferry again hypocritically citing sexual harassment- a mere 10 or 20 min ride.

Indeed, basic innovative street tactics—survival, in brief, use whatever works. These violent Mohamedans are in France—one of the safest, most generous nations on the face of the earth. It would cause the trucker to lose his license, but I agree. Just like the Black Lives Matter folks blocking the road. I would just put my truck in low gear and roll on through. People learn when the experience the consequences of their actions.

When they put their own life at risk stepping in front of a Semi, I would call that suicide by Semi. But the problem in others where comparative negligence applies, if you got the wrong judge and jury you could be the loser in a wrongful death lawsuit or a criminal charge. It is a completely no-way-to-win situation for the trucker.

Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!
Trucker Jihad! Trucker Jihad!

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