The Social Semantic Web

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The Social Semantic Web: An Introduction

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Collaborating via the Social Web 9. What is social media? What is Web 2. Web 2. Blogging: a phenomenon for a new generation?

An Introduction to the Semantic Web

The state of the blogosphere from Technorati The Wikipedia: from Irish to Esperanto Flickr, share your photos SlideShare for presentations The social bookmarking service del. All Consuming, what have you read today? CiteULike, get publication references from peers Upcoming event listings and meetups Dopplr for managing travel, tracking friends abroad You can even share your favourite walks… Social networking websites so far Six degrees of separation between us and everyone else on this planet.

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Semweb Hucksters and Their Metacrap

Kalam Prof. Jhunjhunwala Dr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia Ravi Dr. Kannan Prof.

Building the Semantic Web

Prahalad Nandana Sen Prof. Amartya Sen Prof. Veni What are social networking services SNSs? Facebook, 5 in the world Get LinkedIn to business contacts, 15 million users Elgg, social networking software for education Issues with social websites They connect through a shared object. Even more services… It takes a lot of time… Filling out your profiles, re-adding your friends… De- centralised me Ownership, control, freedom at opensocialweb.

Leveraging semantics on the Social Web The SIOC food chain Dissemination These may be discussions, bookmarks, microblog posts or multimedia items, and can be on topics ranging from pets to music to holidays in Spain or even about all three! Unfortunately, many social media sites act as data silos wherein the content that people are creating is locked.

There are many isolated communities of users and their data. So on the one hand, we have the Social Web, and on the other hand, we have an effort called the Semantic Web.

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Well, we as people can look at a web page and we can instantly recognise different facts. Then computers can use these linked facts to help us find information, to carry out tasks, to reduce the time spent piecing information together manually. We can also do the same thing for the Social Web, so that the things that occur on these sites could be made understandable to computers using semantics.

The Social Web is one evolution of the Web where we have moved from individuals posting information-type web pages to multiple people interacting on each page. This allows us to move from pages that are purely syntactic e. Why should this marriage happen? We can use the Semantic Web to describe people, content objects and the connections that bind them all together so that social sites can interoperate via semantics. In the other direction, object-centered social websites can serve as rich social data sources for the Semantic Web, which has often suffered from the so-called chicken-and-egg problem no cool applications without data; no data without cool applications.

People are creating semantically-rich information through their everyday interactions with social websites: tagging objects, replying to posts, making friend connections, retweeting, etc. On the Social Semantic Web, there are a number of common vocabularies sets of terms that can be used to represent people, documents, social websites, etc. You can create a distributed identity using FOAF: bringing together separate networks from various services, and integrating them into a single whole if so desired. SIOC can be used to represent content posts, comments, topics, etc.

When the Social Meets the Semantic: Social Semantic Web or Web 2.5

SearchMonkey and the Newsweek website. By connecting content across different social websites, SIOC aims to enable new types of connections such as distributed conversations, virtual forums, unified communities, etc. One common application for semantically-enhanced social content is in the search domain.

With machine-readable versions of author names, number of replies, etc. This stack is used in applications such as SMOB , a distributed semantic microblogging architecture developed by Alex Passant that allows users to own their own microblogging hub and to augment their posts with semantic hashtags that link to shared concepts e.

While the vision of a Social Semantic Web may not totally infiltrate the Social Web we use today, we can at least see some aspects of it being realised through efforts like the Facebook Open Graph Protocol and Twitter Annotations , and new services like Bottlenose. With systems like Drupal 7 now producing social semantic data out of the box, Manu Sporny estimates that there will be hundreds of thousands of these Drupal deployments within the next two years. It will be exciting to see what cool applications people will build on top of this data.

The Social Semantic Web The Social Semantic Web
The Social Semantic Web The Social Semantic Web
The Social Semantic Web The Social Semantic Web
The Social Semantic Web The Social Semantic Web
The Social Semantic Web The Social Semantic Web

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