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Subjects covered will include : Managing Artists and their development for real long term careers Agents The Law, what you need to know. Understanding what you are owed and how you get paid. Master Ownership and Management Protecting yourself.

Mind Your Own Business: A Longitudinal Study of Threats and Vulnerabilities in Enterprises

Trademarks, Domain Names and Registering your work. Planning a record release. Timeline guidance.

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Mind Your Own Business

Image and Brand Deals Accounting. Who helps you and what do you need to do. Global Markets.

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The world is a big place, how you access global platforms. Management Contracts, what are your rights as a manager or as an artist. Publishing Syncing Terminology And much more. Brought to you by Sponsors Block 7.

Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business
Mind Your Own Business Mind Your Own Business

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