Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)

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In Viaggio (Italian Edition)

However, it was not through Pigafetta's writings that Europeans first learned of the circumnavigation of the globe.

Rather, it was through an account written by a Flanders -based writer Maximilianus Transylvanus , which was published in Transylvanus had been instructed to interview some of the survivors of the voyage when Magellan's surviving ship Victoria returned to Spain in September under the command of Juan Sebastian Elcano. After Magellan and Elcano's voyage, Pigafetta utilized the connections he had made prior to the voyage with the Knights of Rhodes to achieve membership in the order.

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Antonio Pigafetta also wrote a book, in which a detailed account of the voyage was given. It is quite unclear when it was first published and what language had been used in the first edition.

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The remaining sources of his voyage were extensively studied by Italian archivist Andrea da Mosto , who wrote a critical study of Pigafetta's book in Il primo viaggio intorno al globo di Antonio Pigafetta e le sue regole sull'arte del navigare [3] and whose conclusions were later confirmed by J.

Today, three printed books and four manuscripts survive. One of the three books is in French, while the remaining two are in Italian language.

From a philological point of view, the French editions seem to derive from an Italian original version, while the remaining Italian editions seem to derive from a French original version. Because of this, it's still quite unclear whether the original version of Pigafetta's manuscript was in French or Italian, even though it probably wasn't in French language. The most complete manuscript, and the one that is supposed to be more closely related to the original manuscript, is the one found by Carlo Amoretti inside the Biblioteca Ambrosiana , Milan and published in Primo viaggio intorno al globo terraqueo, ossia ragguaglio della navigazione alle Indie Orientali per la via d'Occidente fatta dal cavaliere Antonio Pigafetta patrizio vicentino, sulla squadra del capitano Magaglianes negli anni Unfortunately, Amoretti, in his printed edition, modified many words and sentences whose meaning was uncertain the original manuscript contained many words in Veneto dialect and some Spanish words.

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The modified version published by Amoretti was then translated in other languages and therefore the edits by Amoretti spread in foreign editions too. Andrea da Mosto critically analyzed the original version stored in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana and published a faithful version of Pigafetta's book in [5]. Andrea da Mosto's edition is deemed more valuable and rigorous than Amoretti's edition.

She began writing later in life, after teaching and working as a commercial artist, photographer, and for over 20 years as a fitness instructor.

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Her first book appeared in and she has now published 33, with 27 foreign editions in 14 languages - and has appeared in over 90 anthologies. In she was made a Member of the Order of Canada. Budge has given readings, talks, interviews and workshops across Canada and in the UK. She is married to Alan Wilson, and has two daughters and two grandsons. Manuel Jenkins. Lesley Choyce, Editor. Goose Lane Editions, ISBN Manfred the UnManageable Monster. Illustrated by Gill Quinn. Pottersfield Press, Duff's Monkey Business.

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Stoddart, ISBN X. Cassandra's Driftwood. The Leaving. Two new sound-and-light shows in the Trajan's Forum area are an increasingly popular evening activity: the Caesar's Forum Stroll and the Forum of Augustus Show. Both shows help you imagine the world of the Caesars, as colorful images are projected on ancient walls, columns, and porticos while English narration brings the story to life. And Ara Com'era "The Ara as it was" is a new minute "virtual reality" show at Museo dell'Ara Pacis , which allows visitors to see what the Altar of Peace looked like in its day.

I still strongly recommend getting the Roma Pass , which is now a single plastic card that covers both sightseeing and transportation. Rome's main train station, Termini, has good new dining options: the modern Mercato Centrale market hall and the bright and spacious Terrazza Termini food court. It's now more worthwhile than ever to make the trip south, just beyond Naples, to Pompeii. The site's best-preserved home, the House of the Vettii, with its many surviving mosaics and frescoes, is finally reopened after a long closure.

As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a priority on any Italian itinerary.

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However, sightseers must deal, as always, with constant changes to the city's sightseeing ticketing and entry schemes. For instance, travelers who want to view the Uffizi Gallery 's amazing collection of Italian paintings will pay a significant price increase this year. Seasonal pricing is also being introduced at the Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens. And for the first time, avid sightseers can buy a combination ticket covering all of these sights.

For the past couple of years, reservations have been required to climb the Florence Duomo 's famous dome.

Il Viaggio (Italian Edition) Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)
Il Viaggio (Italian Edition) Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)
Il Viaggio (Italian Edition) Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)
Il Viaggio (Italian Edition) Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)
Il Viaggio (Italian Edition) Il Viaggio (Italian Edition)

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