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If God is not happy, then He cannot be our source of happiness. He cannot give us what He does not have. An unhappy God would never value the happiness of His creatures.

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And we would have no reason to believe we would enjoy everlasting happiness in His presence. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and Blaise Pascal said that all people seek happiness, and that only God is the ultimate source of happiness. If He is to keep His promise of granting us eternal happiness, God must not only be happy, but also exceedingly and overflowingly happy, with a happiness that spills over into creation in general and His image-bearers in particular.

God’s Plan for Us Includes Happiness in Him - Blog - Eternal Perspective Ministries

In the message we speak to our churches and to the world, do we portray God as happy? To be told you can have an eternal relationship with an unhappy being is bad news, not good! How soon before an unhappy God tires of us and decides to bring up our past offenses or resents us for the shed blood we cost Him? Annihilation would surely be better than living with an omnipotent being whose mood tomorrow may change to unhappiness, with depressive and terrifying ETERNALLY terrifying consequences to His creatures.

You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. This is OUR happiness, and we happily invite you to share it with us.

Read the Bible with Your Heart

We have done so at unfathomable cost, in the shed blood of God Almighty, because we knew from the before the beginning that the payoff of our eternal happiness, and yours in us, would be worth it. Hence the sufferings of this present time cannot be compared to the glory we will reveal to you and in you—and never stop revealing Ephesians One-dimensional approaches and established solutions are no longer fit-for-purpose when it comes to tackling new and highly complex problems.

The management toolbox of tried-and-trusted remedies has passed its sell-by date. Holistic approaches — once scorned — are rightly attracting renewed attention, because it is only by combining all our abilities and senses that we can develop and unleash the creative forces we need to take us forward in tough times.


Happiness Isn’t a Gift From the Gods

Things are changing, and attitudes are changing, too: In the past, if a manager brought in a coach it was taken to mean that something was wrong. Today this is entirely routine — indeed positively fashionable. Happiness is already a relevant and verifiable factor in everyday business life. From cognitive psychology we know that happy people are fundamentally more positive in their attitude, more tolerant, more open, and more solutions-focused, thinking beyond existing limitations and more creatively than others.

They react more clearly to positive stimuli, develop higher levels of curiosity and actively expand their horizons. And it is precisely these qualities that are needed to break through the silo thinking that becomes ever more entrenched in some businesses when confronted with the turbulence and uncertainty of the digital age, and develop horizontally applicable solutions.

Happy people are more resilient, willing to change, motivated and creative than their standard counterparts. Research has shown that people with higher happiness levels tend to focus their attention on positive stimuli and interpret things positively. In stress situations the sensation of happiness mobilizes them, providing the resources to tackle and overcome problems. Happiness therefore arms people against negative emotions, forges the strength for resilience and promotes solutions-oriented action.

These are findings that business leaders need to be using to their advantage. The decisive factor here is the corporate culture. Even within a hierarchical organization there can be a culture of trust — and even within what are extremely democratic spaces, in formal terms, this culture of trust can be entirely absent.

Happiness therefore arises independently of organizational structure. It might perhaps be encouraged, or limited, by this or that formal approach. But essentially this is about culture.

Top 10 Mantra for Health, Wealth & Happiness - Gayatri Mantra - Mrityunjaya Mantra

And culture is deeply entwined with the potential of each individual manager. So we could say that identifying and developing potential is effectively the magic formula — the secret of happiness. People feel good, and can become happy employees, in companies where they can develop their intrinsic potential autonomously and can participate fully as individuals.

Why God's Joy Is Different From The World's Happiness

This is about trust and operational freedom, about autonomy and creativity, about finding the point where business goals and personal motivations resonate. At this point the subject of happiness extends beyond potential to encompass the topic of management development. An organization of this kind creates space for its best managers, enabling them to flourish. The individuals concerned benefit and so does the company. To that extent, organizational structure does have a part to play after all — albeit one that is effectively secondary to potential and management development, which in turn means that this structure needs to be extremely flexible.

God’s Plan for Us Includes Happiness in Him

Where competency, potential, motivation and the right challenge come together, happiness can arise. Of course we are focused solely on the professional perspective here: We would not presume to compare this happiness with the human happiness generated in families and relationships. And yet we all know how crucially important a fulfilling professional activity can be — not least for its positive influence on the private sphere. In times of global competition for top talents, happiness is also a contributory factor in employer branding — a phenomenon that should not be underestimated.

Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness
Gods of Happiness

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