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Count down from five to one, and then tell them that upon one they will awake feeling refreshed and they will be fine and ready to go about their day. It really is that simple. Will hypnosis help me stop a family member change his or her bad habits such as drug abuse, smoking, or alcoholism? If you take your friend or family member to a properly trained professional hypnotist, they can help them through their issues.

Addiction is no laughing matter and should be taken as seriously as any other disease. How can I use hypnosis to stimulate a woman to arousal through mobile phone messages and without putting her to sleep? I think you should try talking to her while she's wide awake instead. This is always one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to hypnosis. Of course, you can hypnotize a girl to want to be with you; it's as easy as getting her interested in anything else, but why would you want to?

It's a slimeball move. Why not just try to talk to her and see if you can get her to like you?

12 Ways To Easily Hypnotize ANYONE

It would work out better for you in the end because she'll like you for who you are, and not because you hypnotized her or tried to get her hot and bothered by sending her sexual text messages. This is a moral dilemma for you, my friend. In the section titled "Quick Hypnosis For Friends," number five says you have to have the proper training to do the hypnotic technique. I'm confused. Can I do this hypnotic trick with friends or not? I don't see why you couldn't do this to your friends if you tried and if they were suggestible enough to have it done to them. This article is about rapid induction hypnosis techniques, hence the "five seconds.

That is not to say that people will not try to do this anyways without my article or my help. I feel safer putting this information out there so that people who will try will at least know what they're doing and do it the proper way. I have never stopped commenting on my article since I wrote it in because I feel it is my responsibility to make sure that the proper way of doing this is put out there. If a person takes this information and does something illegal, harmful, or against a person's free will then the responsibility for such an action is on that of the person who committed the act.

I feel that the instructions given here are safe. But like anything, the information can be used negatively. Use your discretion and please use your judgment when trying to hypnotize others. Anything able to catch our focus for any length of time is in a sense creating a hypnotic state. Yes this includes the pretty girl. The forceful thrust down is a way to throw off the body's internal dialogue or monologue as it is called.

You go from your inner thoughts while focused on a person and listening to their commands, to a sudden physical down thrust that discombobulates the internal thought process leaving the cognitive filters in our minds exposed. Your guard is let down, which is how a hypnotist can slip in commands and suggestions. It is a thought pattern mind hack. There is no real danger, but problems can stem from an inexperienced hypnotist who acts irresponsibly when with a subject who is in a trance.

It is up to the hypnotist to make sure the environment and setting are safe and that the subject is not overlooked after the trance has ended. It is the responsibility of the hypnotist to make sure that the subject is wide awake and has not been negatively impacted by any suggestive commands given while under a trance. Should a subject become disoriented, feel overly sleepy after the trance, suffer headaches and eye strain, or become less responsive to outside stimulus, more attention must be given to the subject.

How to Hypnotize someone on your FIRST try!

If such an occasion should occur, it is important that the subject is immediately placed under trance again and be redirected into a deep sleep. While under a deep sleep, a hypnotist should command them to wake up feeling refreshed and to let go of all previous trance commands. By practicing safe and responsible hypnosis and making sure that your subject is taken care of, all things should be fine. And if you are unable to get the person who placed you into a trance to help you, you should find another hypnotist to help put you back into this deep trance-like sleep and release you from previous commands.

Give them commands like Now as I talk you feel them growing even more heavy as if they are made of lead. Now they feel as though the floor and your legs have fused together and if you try to move them you will find they are stuck in place.

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No matter how hard you try you still find your legs stuck in place. Once you are finished tell them, " As I count from one to five you will find you are able to move your legs and that you are feeling awake aware and feeling great. Then count to five and watch as your friend or loved one comes out of trance and is able to move again. You can try to implant covert and subtle subcommands that the subject is unaware of. You should read my covert hypnosis techniques article; you can find it in my profile. I do believe that there is also lots of information out there on the internet. Can I hypnotize someone to do what I say?

How do I hypnotize someone with words and hands? And how do you wake someone up from hypnosis? Can you freeze a person through hypnosis? How long does a person stay hypnotized? Can hypnotizing someone be dangerous to them? Is hypnotizing people real? Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I won't stop trolls from commenting but I also have a hard time understanding why people feel the need to be so negative and hurtful.

Easily Hypnotize Anyone

Yeah just like the other one. Your articles are made from bullshit its impossible to hypnotize someone in 5 minutes you waste time. On articles to try and get into some poor womens pants. Stop spreading false knowledge. Thank you. I'm not exactly sure what you are asking here. If you question whether or not you should do this to your best friend forever well I'd say no. If you don't feel confident in doing this then don't.

But as far as will it harm them No it won't. I can't let my friend will not remember me. All depends on the person you want to place into trance. It will work once you get the right person. What you described here is a crime. You want someone to stalk and then go hypnotize him or her. Quick induction s are the most difficult to master. Can you text me back and tell me how to hypnotize the person cuz I really need them hypnotized. Can a professional hypnotist help someone with stage IV cancer?

Need to help friend to eat without metallic taste.


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Books on medical marvels imply this IS possible even without hypnotism but difficult. Hypnosis - could make this easier or more successful, perhaps? If some body is in trance you can tell them commends and they will do that. Or its only in the movies. Have you tried talking to him directly about your want for attention? I think the direct approach always works best rather then covert coercion or rapid induction trance. The technique us really a parlor trick for stage hypnotists to get a subject into trance immediately and is not practical for applications like mesmerizing your boyfriend or a person that you want to like you.

I hear this all the time on here.

If you go back through the comment thread there are many successes and many failures. I always tell everyone the same thing You can keep trying or just move on and find a resource that you feel more comfortable with. I do not guarantee it will work for everyone. I can only tell you how it's done and if you find the right person it will work. I wish you success with your endeavors.

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How old is your daughter? Perhaps she's being influenced in ways over there you don't know about. Gossip and rumor can be very destructive in our lives. Maybe she's afraid to tell you what she's experiencing.

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I doubt she's being hypnotized to act that way towards you. Try open dialogue and see how it goes. My daughter goes to her cousins alot but when she gets home she acts different emotionless towards me and when i ask her something she says what do you mean is she being hypnotize to act this way towards me.

Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone
Easily Hypnotize Anyone Easily Hypnotize Anyone

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