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Theme, venue, time, date, guest count, food and beverage selections, decor, and event agenda must all be considered before you begin to execute your event. Every good party needs these core elements to be successful, but not everything has to be set in stone before you begin locking in the details like securing a venue, booking a caterer , or planning an agenda.

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Although there are many ways to approach these decisions, and choices about higher-level ideas like theme and timing often fall on executives of the company instead of the event producer, it's best to work with a team to decide which details are right for your specific company.

The best time to hold an employee holiday party is probably during the lunch hour. Unfortunately, not everyone may have the opportunity to participate in the event because someone must stay back to answer customer calls and keep business moving. If you do decide to go with an evening event, you'll have to consider which night is best. Few organizations will want to consider Sunday evening, so it seems the next best option may be Monday night, as it's usually the slowest night at restaurants.

Throwing a Company Holiday Party: Tips & Tricks | Tony Robbins

Off-site venues are more available, and you can save money on catering expenses and party packages during an off-season event. A little extra hype might be needed to make sure people mark it on their calendars. The quality of your planning team will directly correlate with the caliber of your event. It's important to find the right size team and select members that are skilled in making a memorable get-together. Since party planning will take time away from members' regular work responsibilities, it's probably best to create the smallest possible team that's still representative of your company overall.

No matter the size, you should select individuals for their ability to positively influence other employees. An appointment to the planning team can also be used as a reward or incentive. Selecting modest items or fresh fruit for centerpieces, limiting alcohol consumption, and hosting at a venue that has standard holiday decorations and food pricing options are all excellent ways to cut costs while giving your employees a good experience.

For this reason, you want to narrow your booze selection or even create cheap signature cocktails to reduce costs and keep intoxication levels down. In any case, you should definitely check your insurance policy to make sure you're covered if any issues arise from alcohol consumption.

The best advice for everyone who attends a holiday party is to make sure you remember etiquette for arriving and making others feel comfortable. Despite the common complaints, there are actually many benefits to having a company holiday party. Here are the top four reasons you should consider one this year:.

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Plus, parties are fun! Your employees want to have a good time.

Company holiday party: why have it?

Looking for more HR tips? Learn more now. Celebrating together is also a great opportunity for your employees to get to know one another. Often times at the office, employees only get to interact with others within their department. Having an inclusive company holiday party affords your co-workers the opportunity to meet and mingle with people they might not otherwise get to talk to on a regular basis. Employee bonding in a social context is a key element of team building, which is necessary to produce the best results.

Use our company holiday party planning checklist to mix and match different party elements to design a sparkling holiday party that best suits your team.

Ideas for Making Your Company Christmas Party a Fun, Successful Event

View it below, or print a version here. Tip: Consider the following: price, space, proximity to work, what is provided and what you will need to provide furniture, staff, entertainment, equipment, cleanup service, etc.

SURPRISE FLASH MOB at Company Christmas party!

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  • There are over a million more jobs available in the U. Alexandra Hicks on Nov 28, Bookmark 0 Please login to bookmark. Why should we host a company holiday party? If you try to prioritize individual recognition, have an awards ceremony during the party. If establishing strong customer relations is your thing, consider inviting clients to the celebration.

    Plus, it can present an ideal way to kick off the New Year on optimistic footing, empowering your team to return ready to run at full speed.

    Getting to know your employees as people, not simply as workers, is essential for teams to succeed. By listening to your employees interact with one another, with their guests, and with you, you can gain insight to inform how to work best with them in a professional setting.

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