Avalanche Warning

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Avalanche Danger

We would always strongly recommend that you do some training in off-piste safety before you head off the beaten track and that you go with a qualified instructor. A good starting point is understanding the basic avalanche warning levels used across European resorts.

Avalanche Forecasts

The warning level on any given day will be displayed at lift stations and information boards around your resorts; it is usually shown using the flags below, but what do they mean? While conditions are relatively stable there is still a risk of avalanches particularly on any slope with a gradient steeper than your average blue run.

Avalanche reports: what is the risk in the French Alps this week?

Note that the flag does not alter between a level 1 and 2 so you will also need to keep your eyes peeled for the number that is shown. Do not be lulled into a false sense of security by the fact that this is in the middle of the scale. The majority of avalanche fatalities and accidents occur at this risk level. We would strongly recommend not going off-piste if there is a high level warning.


Again the flag is the same as when the risk is at level 3 so be aware of the number shown. If you see this flag it is likely that a number of lifts will be closed and runs will be unavailable to you. Do not venture off-piste if this warning level is shown and be sure to follow the instructions of pisteurs and signs indicating closed run etc. Come and see us for avalanche awareness sessions or join us for a day of guided off-piste on a ProXplore. The mountain is your playground but remember safety first people!

click here Understanding Avalanche Warning Levels The snow is falling fast and we are getting pretty excited about the winter ahead. Support the forecast you rely on here.

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  3. Avalanche Danger.

Please help us support avalanche safety and join us for a great dinner, drinks, silent and live auctions, and more! The safety information and forecasts on this website are provided in partnership with the US Forest Service, and are intended for personal and recreational purposes only.

Safe backcountry travel requires preparation and planning, and this information may be used for planning purposes but does not provide all the information necessary for backcountry travel.

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  3. Avalanche Warning!

Advanced avalanche education is strongly encouraged. The user acknowledges that it is impossible to accurately predict natural events such as avalanches in every instance, and the accuracy or reliability of the data provided here is not guaranteed in any way.

Avalanche Warning: Utah (12/16/12)

The forecasts describe general mountain weather and avalanche conditions.

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Avalanche Warning

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