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But I think this article is just wrong. The frost mage bis trait on all pieces is Flash Freeze, not Glacial Assault. Glacial Assault isn't even on all of the raid pieces. Paladins only use 1 light's decree. Soaring Shield is a good trait for Prot Paladins, but we only need one.

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If they're putting it on every piece Bulwark of Light would be better. Hunters: Beast Mastery is correct.

Marksmanship is far off. The best trait is "In the Rythm" Survival is far off.

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The "Wilderness Survival" trait is only useful on 1 item. Best traits are "Latent Poison" and "Blur of Talons" This goes for pve in all cases, and pvp in most. But it's not actually bis for some classes, so it's pointless for them. If it doesnt meet its purpose, why do it at all?

I mean it's not the worst trait but definitely not the best. Surging shots is not the best MM trait by a long shot.

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The best trait is In the Rhythm. Indeed, in the Rhythm and Unnering Vision are by far the best. Affliction and Destruction are very meh. Flashpoint is nice I guess but too situational, there's traits that are straight better than Cascading Calamity add Inevitable Demise imo. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Blue Tracker.

At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best
At Your Best At Your Best

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